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SoulMind Studios has a reputation for being insanely creative and willing to try crazy things.

We pride ourselves on helping artists and designers achieve complex and layered visions, while also providing reliable quality services to repeat customers for short run production, or simple customization needs. From the simple to the complex, SoulMind Studios provides innovative solutions with reliable quality, reasonable costs, and friendly customer service.

Tools and capabilities to create your projects

We have a wide array of customization services available to our customers. We can help you make your vision come true when it comes to your company branding or make your personal space quintessentially yours. Whatever your needs, we can bring our expertise to your service. We look forward to making your wish our design.


Maybe you have an idea, but no clue how to make it a reality. Our team’s diverse backgrounds as artists, craftsmen and designers are at your service to bring your visions to life, and stay on budget. We can assist you through the whole process, from inception to CAD modeling to finished product.

Laser Cutting/Etching

Pristine lines and perfect edges will set off any project. If your materials can handle some heat, this laser cutting and etching are perfect for customizing, prototyping, and short run production.

LED Lighting

Take your design to the next level with custom LED lighting. We can install color changing or static LED’s to bring you ideas to life.

CNC Routing

We use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to precisely cut out your designs in various hard materials, including wood, composites, aluminum, steel, foams and plastics. Our CNC Router can produce one-off designs as effectively as repeat production.

3D Etching

In addition to traditional 2D routing and V-Carving, we can carve many materials 3-dimensionally. 3D etching on glass or other material creates a unique and personalized piece, perfect for a gift or personal decorative statement.

Finishing & Assembly

We can finish and assemble your project in our outfitted shop, saving you time, money and frustration. Our finishing and assembly services include sanding, staining, painting, inlaying, gluing, fastening, and adding hardware. SoulMind Studios can have your project delivery ready.
Who We Are.

Two brothers taking dreams and making tangible custom products.

Adam is an engineer and lover of technology at heart. He wants to push the envelope of what is possible to access for the everyday person with big projects in mind. Adam is currently searching for the balance between simple aesthetics and complex designs.
Adam Bublitz
Co-Founder / CEO

Erik has enjoyed being a maker since he was a kid, starting by ripping apart the family VCR and trying to put it back together. Now he uses advancing technologies to make art and help others bring their ideas to fruition.
Erik Bublitz
Co-Founder / CEO

Our Process.

Customizing and Collaboration

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